How Point of Sale Can Benefit All Retailers

Point of Sale

Ever since the 1900′s where local corner stores dominated the retail world, the customer experience has pretty much remained a constant. [Read more]

Drop Shipping to the Top: Benefits and Challenges of Independent Drop Shippers


Instead of paying for the space and personnel to manage an inventory of products, many companies are choosing to use drop shipping fulfillment strategies. [Read more]

Five Hot Tips for Success

Five Hot Tips for Success

Starting an independent retail business is one of the riskiest ventures you can make. [Read more]

4 Tips For Successful Local & Handcrafted Sales

4 Tips For Successful Local & Handcrafted Sales

It’s no secret that in our busy 21st century world, there’s a growing trend toward handcrafted, local, and American made goods. In an era where so much is mass-produced overseas and the latest gadgets come out every six months, people increasingly want to experience more authenticity in what they carry, wear, and bring into their homes. As a retailer, there’s nothing like the reward of supporting small-scale makers, enabling them to follow their passions by connecting them with new customers. [Read more]

The Expert Impact: Educated Sales Associates Sell More

Redefining Mobile POS with Consumer Experience

Ask anyone: “Do more knowledgeable, experienced, passionate people create better buying experiences?” The inevitable answer: “Of course!” Successful brands and retailers know that engaged and knowledgeable sales associates are a key part of competing in today’s retail environment. [Read more]

Getting it Right: Kiosk and Cart Retailing

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To sum kiosk and cart success up in a word, it would be “focus.” While it seems like having easy access to foot traffic would be a huge advantage, running a successful kiosk is a discipline that begins long before the first product is offered for sale. Kiosk owners who are focused in their design, marketing, and product selection stand the best chance of success. Those who are relaxed, thinking that just being in a busy mall environment and offering a bunch of loosely connected “popular” products will guarantee sales, risk failure. [Read more]

Reeling in Profit at Campground Stores

Reeling in Profit at Campground Stores

Campground stores can be like fishing in a barrel. You have a campground full of people with nowhere else to spend their money so start reeling them in! You may be thinking “there’s a big box store just down the street so there is no use for me to sell anything.” [Read more]

Preparing for Holiday Gift & Card Selling Season


The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time for independent retailers. They can also be busy and profitable if your shop sells greeting cards and gifts, but you need to have a clear sales strategy to make the most of this unique selling season. Retailers need a plan that will not only create a profitable Christmas and holiday season, but also set the foundation for the New Year ahead. [Read more]

5 Steps to Promote Your Holiday Open House

holiday sales up NRF

Hosting a Holiday Open House is one of the most exciting ways to draw shoppers into your store, both for you and your guests. The experience helps to create and nurture valuable relationships between your business and the people in your community. [Read more]

Email Marketing That Drives Sales

Email Marketing 101

A staple in any customer retention program is the ability to write emails that strengthen relationships, get responses, and persuade action. With an overflow of emails hitting inboxes daily, it’s important to develop an approach that not only gets notice, but also is effective at getting results. Make no mistake; email marketing is not an easy feat. It can be made simpler, however, by breaking it down into core tasks, and understanding the job each task plays in the overall campaign. [Read more]