Marketing Crash-Course: 4 Critical Marketing Tips for New Businesses

New Business

If you intend to take your business to the masses to begin getting clients and making sales, then it is essential that you have a sound marketing strategy. [Read more]

Customer Experience: 5 Ways to Take it Beyond Marketing

Customer Experience

For most businesses, customer experience falls exclusively to the hands of the marketing team. [Read more]

Know Your Audience and Strengthen Your Website

Online Marketing

Having a working website simply is not enough today. [Read more]

The P’s and Q’s of Merchandising


In the wide world of marketing, business owners can target their audiences in a variety of ways. [Read more]

Top 3 Essential Email Marketing Tips and Ideas for Retailers

Email Marketing

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets to your business. [Read more]

4 Ways to Add Coupons to Your Marketing Strategy

Coupons and Marketing Strategies

As a consumer, there is a big chance that you have used a coupon to make a purchase in a store. As a small business retailer, you may not have used coupons in your business due to fear of underselling your value. [Read more]

What’s “In Store” for the Pop-Up Industry in 2015

Pop-up Industry

Pop-ups are no longer just a trend. As more big brands use them, and more venues are open to hosting pop-ups, retailers of all sizes are taking advantage of this unique experience. [Read more]

Independent Retailer’s 2015 Retail Outlook

Independent Retailer's 2015 Retail Outlook

As 2015 unfurls before us, Independent Retailer is excited to offer you a comprehensive review of the industry outlook for the year. [Read more]

Integrated Marketing: Why You Can’t Live Without It

Integrated Marketing

In the wake of the rapidly changing digital age, the customer journey is more complex than ever. Customers are making buying decisions differently. Their path to purchase usually starts online, window-shopping on websites for products they need or desire. [Read more]

Performance Marketing Lies

Online Marketing Lies

The performance marketing industry is rife with bad behavior. Here are four lies your firm may be telling you: [Read more]