Jewelry As Good as Gold


Sun Fashion Designs Inc. carries a wide variety of gold and silver plated jewelry, including rings, pendants, chains, cubic zirconia earrings, brooches and charms. The company’s gold and silver bonding processes, performed in its Prescott, AZ facility, meet or exceed U.S. federal standards and produce fashions that radiate (and easily pass) as solid silver and […]

Nail Candy is a Yummy Treat


Nail Candy, nail polish in a pen, provides salon quality features that enable users of all ages to create artistic, colorful nail art. The product is a combination of salon quality nail polish, a brush and a unique patented micro-tip. “Before this product, you needed expensive and intricate tools, such as fine paint brushes, craft […]

Swypers Go Beyond Bumper Stickers


Swypers, interchangeable signs that attach to a vehicle’s rear wiper blade, are for the driving enthusiast who wants to use his or her car to promote a team or candidate, or display a silly saying, but who doesn’t want to damage the car’s finish. Swypers also may be for retailers looking for a made in […]

Gently Brush Away Fuzz & Fur


The Lilly Brush is specially designed with nylon bristles to be delicate, yet effective, when removing lint, pills and pet hair from natural fibers such as wool, cashmere and cotton. Other products that remove pills from clothing are too aggressive, and can make a hole in fragile fabrics, says Henry Strazza, director of Operations at […]

Apparel Trends Live From New York


Twice annually, New York Fashion Week gives retailers insights into which looks will make the leap from couture to pop culture in the coming seasons. Femininity is in, and strong themes in apparel include sculpted silhouettes, ultra feminine hats and gloves, and flowing fabrics. As for color, retailers should stock merchandise in an array of […]

SolPals Solar Powered MoonBeams


SolPals produces unique, high quality hybrid lighting products that are eye-catching and popular with consumers. One of its newest introductions, MoonBeam, is a solar powered hybrid nightlight that is easy to use and install. The user attaches the product to any window exposed to sunlight, and it charges during the day and automatically illuminates the […]

Red Cup is Solo No More


Toby Keith wrote a song about the red Solo cup, a well-known disposable beverage container commonly used at colleges and parties. It was that song that inspired Frank Ritchie, sales manager of Crossover Marketing, to take on the job of creating The Red Cup Buddy, a red plastic cup and cozy in one. There are […]

Six Strategies to Make Your Website a Shopper Magnet


By Pam Neely In the online world, your sales competition is just a click away. What’s worse is that your shopper is impatient, and you have but seven seconds to convince him or her that your website is different from all the rest. Despite these challenges, there are several simple things you can do to […]

Sound Effects for Gifts


Clever kids often become inventive adults, as is the case with Neil Adams, creator of Don’t Shake it sound effects for gifts. “When I was a child,” Adams shares, “I would put pennies and marbles and other things in with a gift so that when the person shook it, they would have a hard time […]

Yelp Adds Revenue Estimator


Yelp has introduced a new feature intended to highlight and quantify the value that the listing and review site provides for small businesses. The feature, called the Revenue Estimator, separates customer leads from page views. Leads can include things like bookmarking a Yelp business listing, mapping directions to the business, placing a phone call from […]