North Woods Animal Treats: Wholesome and Fun

North Woods Animal Treats: Wholesome and Fun

When Jean McCarthy started her company, North Woods Animal Treats, in 1996, her mission was clear: to provide the best possible, all-natural products that enhance the lives of both pets and their owners. She also wanted to make the experience positive and fun. [Read more]

Shoofly Repels Bugs Naturally

Shoofly Repels Bugs Naturally

Shoofly Spray from Telam Corp. is a new, nontoxic and all natural insect repellant that is safe for humans and animals. Made in the USA, the product is composed of 14 types of vegetation, and does not contain DEET. [Read more]

Quality Pet Care Products

Quality Pet Care Products

Budpak Inc., founded in 1994, has launched a new pet care line branded Pampered Paws®. The six items presently available are Oatmeal Tearless Shampoo, Shed Control Shampoo, Flea & Tick Shampoo, Waterless Spray Shampoo, Deodorizing Spray, and Fresh & Clean Tearless Wipes. “Our mission has always been to offer retailers inexpensive options to higher priced goods, such as creams, ointments and medicinal products. [Read more]

Suncloth Shields: UV Protection for Commuters


Consumers who unwittingly expose themselves to harmful sunrays while in a vehicle will delight in the Suncloth, a patented protective cloth. It began when Sheila Bryan, the product developer, noticed dark spots on her forearm, recalls Edward Bryan. It was sun damage caused by constant exposure to UVB and UVA rays while commuting to work […]

UnderPAWS: Stylish Pet Protection for Cars


UnderPAWS, from Rellim Products, is the only exterior car door protector that lets one’s best friend enjoy the travel experience without damaging doors. Made in the USA, the product’s patent pending design allows for a universal fit on most cars and trucks, and is easy to apply and remove. UnderPAWS is made of extra thick […]

Biodegradable Bag for Malodorous Waste


OdorNo Odor-Barrier disposable bags are planet friendly vessels that conceal the scents of everyday waste from diapers, incontinence, pets, garbage and more. “With our innovative and proprietary technology, our bags truly block odor, whereas other bags have odor technology but you can still smell the waste through the bag,” explains Garrett Fortune, founder and CEO […]

Budpak for People & Pets


Budpak Inc. doesn’t hesitate to put a little hard work into perfecting its health and beauty products. Since 1994, the company has maintained a reputation for quality. [Read more]

HairScape Solves Cleanups


HairScape and PetScape mats take the hassle out of cleaning up after a quick trim or grooming session. [Read more]

Prismatix Pet Novelties

Prismatix Pet Novelties dog signs

Carries a wide variety of personalized novelties, including stickers and signs, with its newest line centering on Pets, one of today’s hottest categories. [Read more]

Pet Product Marketing

Pet Products

The pet industry is a lucrative area of retail and natural, organic and eco-friendly products continue to advance. [Read more]