New Technologies, New Risks

secure technology

New technologies will come and go, opening new windows of opportunity for theft, fraud and loss. [Read more]

Recognizing and Preventing Hidden Loss

Business Strategy

While not classified as shrink, hidden losses are just as detrimental to the retailer’s bottom line as theft. [Read more]

Magmito Promotes Easy Mobile Marketing for Independent Retailers

Magmito Mobile App Creation

Mobile content creation solutions such as Magmito help retailers consider a world of mobile possibilities. [Read more]

Preventing Return Fraud This Holiday Season

Loss Prevention Fraud

Procedural review audits (PRAs) are an effective tool for systematically combating return fraud. [Read more]

Small Businesses and Retailers Still Focused on Recession


Economic sluggishness is impacting entrepreneurs: 27 percent (up from the spring) say they do not plan to grow in the next six months. [Read more]

Prepare for a Successful New Year with Procedural Review Audits

Procedural Review Audits

PRAs enable management to measure consistency, and pinpoint loss prevention challenges. [Read more]

Profitable Fixtures and Displays

Fixtures and Displays

Any retail display or fixture can be used creatively to produce remarkable and profitable results. [Read more]

Kole Imports Promises Great Deals and Innovative Promotions

Kole Imports Pallet

Kole Imports has positioned itself as leading and innovative player in the dollar and discount retail industry. [Read more]

Hundreds of Handbags for Your Fall and Holiday Lineup

Aliz International Handbags

Keeping up with fashion is an ongoing process, and retailers should set aside time to stock up on the latest seasonal accessories, including handbags. [Read more]

Indie Retailers Resolve Security Breaches with Proper POS Management

POS Credit Security

Smaller businesses such as independent retailers are more vulnerable when they open up their POS system to electronic purchasing options. [Read more]