Beyond Your Lines: Self Defense Products

Rex International

The topic of knives and self-defense merchandise may seem broad with the array of items to choose from such as such as spring action, hunting and folding knives, pepper sprays, tasers and flashlights… [Read more]

Rex Expands Into Licensed T-Shirts

Rex Distributing

Rex International has got your T-shirt department covered. The international wholesaler carries branded T-shirts from globally recognized companies including Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Ford, Chevy, and Marvel Comics, for wholesale distribution according to Mani Sakhari, sales manager for Rex. [Read more]

Rex Distributor For Knives & More

Rex Distributor For Knives & More

The sport of hunting is taking off, and Rex Distributor Inc. is ready with a huge variety of crossbows, bows and arrows, knives and sporting goods. With 25 years in the business, the company has its finger on the pulse of what customers want. [Read more]