Safari Ltd. Starting the Year Off Right

Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd. is excited for the summer season for many good reasons. [Read more]

Unwrapping The Gift & Souvenir Market

Souvenir Shopping

The gift and souvenir market is big business. According to market research firm, First Research, the gift and souvenir market totaled about $18 billion in sales in 2013, spread among 30,000 stores in the category. [Read more]

IGES Exhibitor Preview

Adventure Planet, a division of Rhode Island Novelty, is looking forward to this year’s IGES/SSS show for one simple reason: “It’s the top show for gift shops,” says Jeff Shaughnessy, sales manager. [Read more]

Safari Ltd. Miniatures Bring Ideas to Life

Wholesale Toys from Safari Ltd.

Safari Ltd., maker of miniature figures, releases around 70 new figures a year and offers more than a thousand in all. Where in the world do they come up with all those ideas? “We get many suggestions from letters and emails,” says Matthew Mullan, social media specialist. “People comment on Facebook and Instagram. You name it.” [Read more]

Set Up for Souvenir Success

Set Up for Souvenir Success

People all around the world commemorate vacations and day trips with mementos for themselves, family and friends. As a result, the 30,000 gift, novelty and souvenir stores in the U.S. reportedly earn a combined annual revenue of around $18 billion. Consistent top selling souvenirs include shirts, hats, figurines, refrigerator magnets, notepads and spoons, and retailers must constantly offer new products to attract customers. [Read more]