Is a Merchant Loan Right for Your Business?

Merchant Loans

Many independent retailers have capital needs that come in various forms. [Read more]

Q&A: The Rapid Growth of C-Stores in the US

NACS Trade Show

The U.S. convenience store industry boasts a total of 151,282 stores (as of December 31, 2013) across the country and posted $696 billion in total sales in 2013. [Read more]

Candy Retailers: Staying One Step Ahead with Effective Marketing


Candy retailers are discovering that using the Internet to market their wide selection of candies and products in their stores is helping to increase their profits at a rate like never before. Candy retailers have evolved into diverse businesses that sell everything from your classic lollipops to artisanal creations. There are countless media outlets that can be used as a resource and this makes business only sweeter. [Read more]

Take Inventory of Your Ecommerce Provider

Best Practices in Ecommerce Navigation

All online business owners use some type of ecommerce “provider,” whether as simple as a PayPal Buy Now button or as complex as an integrated Point of Sale/ ecommerce software combination. This month, let’s take a look at two leading edge features and why these are important to online business owners. If your current ecommerce provider isn’t offering features similar to the ones below, it could be time to evaluate other ecommerce options for your business. [Read more]

Security Leaps into the 21st Century With Remote Monitoring

How to Protect Against a Data Breach

Larger department stores and pharmacies now have remote monitoring of their camera systems. Due to of the number of stores, these larger chains can have one location watching the cameras for various locations to spot shoplifting. They can then alert the local security personnel of suspicious activities, while saving thousands of dollars compared to each store having to do this individually. [Read more]

Big Email Marketing on a Small Business Budget

Big Email Marketing on a Small Business Budget

Small and medium-sized firms understand the importance of marketing in helping to grow their businesses. Catering to today’s tech-savvy consumer requires small merchants to respond to this need with technology. Fortunately, today’s POS systems have built-in features that simplify marketing efforts, and minimize the need for exhaustive research and third party tools. [Read more]

Cave Gift Shop Buyers Purchase Treasures

Cave Gift Shops

There are cave gift shops from California to New Hampshire, with yearly attendance ranging from a couple of thousand people to hundreds of thousands. Some cave gift shops have a handful of items for sale, and others have huge gift shops filled with thousands of items. Cave gift shops also differ because of their location. One may be right outside a major city, while another is hours away from the nearest town. [Read more]

Men’s Skin Care Industry Booming

Men’s Skin Care Industry Booming

Annual sales for men’s grooming products reached $3 billion in 2012, and are projected to grow to $6.1 billion by 2017. For the first time in history, men spent more cash on male-specific toiletries in 2013 than on shaving products. Retailers big and small are taking notice, and are betting big that the trend will only continue to grow. [Read more]

Revitalized Gift & Toy Market

Revitalized Gift & Toy Market

After years of relentless pressure, experts in the toy and gift market are finally beginning to see signs of a revitalized market for small to midsize retailers. However, they warn, it’s not a simple story. The market that’s emerging post-recession and post-Internet is a very different market than retailers have grown accustomed to. In fact, it may be more like the one their grandparents would recognize. [Read more]

Upwardly Mobile: The Future of POS

Upwardly Mobile: The Future of POS

Every industry evolves, and some even do it at Mach speed. It wasn’t too long ago that consumers used the Yellow Pages to find local business information, Blockbuster brought commercial-free movies into the home, six-disc changers played music in cars, and spare change was handed to toll booth workers. [Read more]