Winning Worth the Payout for Amazon

Online Tax Collection

With a referendum scheduled for June 2012 to overturn the new Internet sales tax law, Amazon has already spent $5.25 million in campaigning. [Read more]

Amazon and Web Taxes

As most of the retail industry is aware, online retailers such as Amazon have been flying under the radar in regards to the collection of state sales tax, relying on the upstanding honesty of online shoppers to declare taxable purchases. For nearly a decade, local brick and mortar stores have been fighting to level the […]

Independent Retailers Partake in Tax-Free Holiday Marketing


While the Tax Foundation believes tax-free holidays will negatively affect economic recovery, retailers beg to differ.
[Read more]

State Leaders and Independent Retailers Stand Strong on State Sales Tax

Change in Quarters

State governments and independent retailers begin to stand strong against online retailers. [Read more]

Business Update: CT Legislation Taxing Topic for Online Retailers

Charging Sales Tax

Online retail giants have been relying on online shoppers to declare taxable purchases when it comes time to file with the state. [Read more]

Retail Grocers Push Lawmakers for Federal Swipe-Fee Reforms


A growing chorus of retailers are making their feelings known in Washington as debate continues about this contentious issue. [Read more]

Retailer Tax Tips

If you’re worried about this tax season, don’t be. There are numerous ways for small retailers to ease the burden, from new tax credits to already in place deductions. The following tips can save significant money this year: 1) Add Up Your Health Care Costs. Last year, the government ushered in a slew of policies […]

Retail Gift Card Rules

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Print Retail advisory firm, Grant Thornton LLP, has announced the release of its new white paper, Gift Cards: Opportunity and Issues for Retailers. The paper examines the gift card industry and looks at the tax and accounting implications of recent legislation on retailers. “Gift cards have become an area of both opportunity and risk for […]

E-Filing Tax Tips


According to the IRS, more than 100 million Americans and businesses filed their tax returns electronically last year, and even more are expected to efile this year. Not only is efiling quick and easy, it can reduce errors on tax forms, expedite the refund process and alleviate the worry of having your tax return lost […]

DMA Says Online Merchants are Likely To Stay in States’ Crosshairs


The Alliance for Main Street Fairness is closely watching the battle being played out as online retailers and brick & mortars fight for equity. [Read more]