Bug-A-Salt: The Original Salt Gun


The Bug-A-Salt works on a very simple, very original idea: it shoots a tiny pinch of ordinary table salt with deadly accuracy at flying insects, killing them instantly. From a distance of two to four feet, the gun shoots a six to eight inch shotgun pattern, making it easy to target flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects on screens, windows, light fixtures or tables. [Read more]

Rechargeable Flashlights

image of coast flashlight

COAST introduced its latest A Series flashlights at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas. The devices’ Dual Power Flex Charging Systems let users recharge via USB. [Read more]

Facebook Introducing New Tracking Tool

Facebook tracking tool

Tool will allow online retailers to track purchases by members of the social network who have viewed their ads. [Read more]

Retractable Tool Tether

image of retractable tool tether by agc enterprises

AGC Enterprises’s apparatus keeps objects close at hand with a 22-inch steel cable that retracts into a small container that clips onto any belt, purse or jacket. [Read more]

HairScape Solves Cleanups


HairScape and PetScape mats take the hassle out of cleaning up after a quick trim or grooming session. [Read more]



If your customers are mechanics or woodworkers that deal with the ongoing problem of stripped screw heads, the new ScrewGrab product is sure to grab their attention. “The idea behind ScrewGrab is to remove stripped out fasteners easily, without putting in a lot of extra effort,” says company VP, Jeremiah James. “Everyone has had a […]

Retailers Chasing “Bottom (Line) Feeders”

Retailers try to weed out bargain hunters

Savvy retailers are finding ways to uncover and discourage bargain-hunting customers, and boosting their own bottom line in the process. [Read more]

Delancy Tool: Remembering Steve Baumrin


Delancy Tool, which started as a pushcart vendor about 60 years ago in New York City, is moving to the next level of growth as the new decade unfolds. [Read more]