Why You Should Be Active On Twitter

Why You Should Be Active On Twitter

Many small business owners hang in limbo when it comes to actively engaging on Twitter. When deciding whether to tweet or not to tweet, consider that 85 percent of Twitter users feel more connected to a small business after they begin following it, Twitter reports. [Read more]

What You Need to Know About Twitter Image Preview

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In the past year, there has been a huge build in the amount of images shared on social media, with channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook putting more emphasis on photographs and visuals. Twitter recently changed the way images are displayed on the social network. [Read more]

Resolve to Tweet, Pin and Post in 2014

Resolve to Tweet, Pin and Post in 2014

New Year’s resolutions: we all make them and break them. Your resolution may last a week or a few months, but eventually you may find yourself back to the same old, same old. Typical personal resolutions involve dieting and exercise. For business, everyone wants to expand their reach and increase sales, but you would be surprised by how many people break their resolutions, even with something as important as their business. [Read more]

Building In-Store Loyalty Online

How to Build a Loyal Customer Following

Building customer loyalty is essential for brick and mortar merchants, and today that requires online customer appreciation. Not only will this encourage engagement on your social networks, but it also will keep your brand top-of-mind when your customers decide where to shop. Your independent business will thrive as long as you address online comments and questions as attentively as you would in your retail store. Here are four tips to help you do just that. [Read more]

Online Tool Drives Brick ‘n Mortar Traffic

Online Tool Drives Brick ‘n Mortar Traffic

Boutique Window, co-founded by Ella Wirtz and Courtney Rodgers, is an online marketing tool built specifically for small retailers running brick and mortar shops. “Our goal is to help business owners take advantage of all the online opportunities that are going to help them connect with local customers, and drive foot traffic into their stores,” Rodgers states. “We know that small retailers have a ton on their plates, and managing a website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can be a lot of work that they do not have time to do.” [Read more]

Pinterest: A Retailer’s Social Media Superman (part one)


Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter are essential business tools. They help retailers connect with and inform existing customers, and allow them to pick up a few new customers along the way. Pinterest gives you the capacity to skyrocket your brand exposure with a single click, and is one of the greatest social media channels to ramp up lead generation. If you are not yet marketing your retail store on Pinterest, then you are missing a serious opportunity to increase sales. [Read more]

Twitter Vine Growing


Vine, Twitter’s six-second video app, has hit the number one spot in the Apple App Store charts for free and social apps in the U.S. The mobile app, introduced six months ago, enables users to create and share looping videos using their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Recently, Vine unveiled a trending hashtag section that users […]

Small Business, Big Data

sumall social media metrics

Entrepreneurs wanting to leverage social media business data may find SumAll Social Metrics helps level the playing field. [Read more]

SMBs Spend $845 a Month on Social Media

vocus social media survey

Vocus and Duct Tape Marketing release results of Path to Influence: An Industry Study of SMBs and Social Media. [Read more]

Consumers Use Pinterest to Engage With Retailers

pinterest national retail federation study

Online U.S. consumers report they follow an average of 9.3 retail companies on Pinterest. [Read more]